Monday, October 27, 2014

Vintage Wood Stool For Our Half Bath

Our half bath off our foyer is small but now that it is freshly painted I wanted to add some accessories. This vintage wood stool is the perfect size for this small space.

I bought the stool, along with some other things that I have yet to photograph, at Meg from Oliver and Rust's vintage sale earlier in the month. I love the patina on this sturdy little stool. When we turn the heat on full time I will slide it over closer to the door.

I'm not stuck on our entry (and kitchen) tile but I am stuck with them for now. Oh to have had the hindsight 15 years ago when I picked them. I shared the wall colour, Grey Owl, in this post. Taking photos of this windowless room is very challenging. I still need to frame out the mirror, change the faucet and add some kind of art to the wall. We switched out the door hinges on our main floor to black and now I need to get new door handles. The only black ones I can find in stores here are $53 a pop. Ouch. It's all about baby steps at our house, ha!

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

ASCP Provence with White Painted Pieces

Today on the way to deliver some items to a furniture consignment store I remembered to take some photos of a few pieces I recently painted with a mix of ASCP Provence and white.

With the colder temperatures I have been painting in our basement kitchen and the flourescent lighting down there is horrible for pictures. My husband may have chuckled as I snapped a few quick photos while he was trying to load my van. 

This little table has been kicking around our home for a number of years. It was my husband's favourite little table to hold his Diet Coke and chips beside a comfy chair while watching hockey games in the basement TV room. I tried the ASCP Provence /white mix  and although the Provence is a lovely colour I'm thinking it is probably not the turquoise that I want for an accent in our basement. I promised Rob that I would find a replacement soon.

Every furniture painter needs great friends and family to scope out freebies and I have some wonderful ones. My co-worker and her mom saved this very solid pair of maple chairs from their neighbours' curb, stored them and even transported the pair to work for me. 

It was hard for me to send this lovely chalkboard off to consignment today but when I decided against using the Provence mix I didn't want to have to repaint it. Time will tell if a bright colour like this will sell. 

I have a few pieces in our garage that need to be brought indoors to work on. We need the garage space for my van this winter now that our 17 year old has a ridiculously large truck. (Ridiculous because momma can't borrow it for furniture picking or delivery because I would need a ladder to get in lol.) 

Hoping you enjoy this weekend and have a great week ahead. Our Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone, we celebrated my dad's 85th birthday and I have been working on a few small projects. We are still searching for a replacement job for hubby and feeling sad this week after the loss of two Canadian soldiers in brutal attacks. EIP Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Cpl. Nathan Cirillo #OTTAWASTRONG #CANADASTRONG

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Inspired By Ralph Lauren Paint Harbor Blues

While I love a solid base of neutrals in our home, I am happiest when there are blues mixed in. Today I am sharing lots of blue inspiration from the new Ralph Lauren Paint line I discovered while buying front door paint at Home Depot (Canada) today.

Blues always catch my eye. They are my 'happy colours.' Deep navy, aqua, turquoise, denim blue, watery blues, sky blue, indigo,  I love them all.

Ralph Lauren Paint has several new colour way and technique brochures and I brought home Harbor Blues and Faux Techniques. The paint chips in the brochure look a bit different and better than the above photo on my computer screen.

I was surprised to see Faux Techniques making a comeback. It makes sense to me though with all the colour layering and chippy furniture painting so many of us admire from Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paints and Annie Sloan Chalk Paints. They have that vintage farmhouse or aged European look. This photo shows the Indigo Denim technique. Just like my favourite pair of jeans. Maybe after we plank the cathedral ceiling in the family room/kitchen I will be brave enough to attempt this on the back wall.

I love mixing my blues. 

I have plans to keep mixing my blues in our basement kitchen/TV room. Adding more white will keep things light and give us that lakeside farmhouse look that I love. 

Denim is my favourite fabric and I wear it as often as possible. I also like using it for sewing projects around our home.

All photos: Ralph Lauren Paint 2014 available exclusively at Home Depot

If blue is not your 'thing' there are other colourways for inspiration in the collection. I'm glad my trip for front door paint led me to these paint chips today. I shared my front door paint choices post here. I didn't end up going with any of the colours in the BEHR Marquee line after all. I chose Cracked Pepper, a dark charcoal,  from the BEHR Premium Plus Ultra line but had to have it mixed in the more expensive Marquee because they were out of the Premium Plus in satin exterior. I have one coat on both sides of the door and I'm loving it. Now to get started on the second coat before it gets dark.
What colour makes you smile?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall Living Room Tour

Today I am sharing our living room decorated for fall with lots of whites, neutrals and pops of turquoise.

I love texture, painted pieces and wood tones. I like a mix of styles too, including farmhouse, industrial, country, rustic, a bit vintage....I find it so hard to give my style a name.

The newest additions to our living room include the curtains, pair of slipcovered chairs, area rug and underpad. I shared the inexpensive area rug and reviewed the rug pad I received from Rug Pad USA here

After selling some painted pieces recently I was able to use the money for the rug and a pair of IKEA Ektorp slipcovered arm chairs. We love how they are big enough for my guys and I feel like I can really get comfy in them. The gray buffalo check pillow covers and inserts on the chairs are also from IKEA.

This is a great time of year for smaller craft sales and the few remaining garage sales in our area. My sister-in-law and I are really looking forward to attending the Oliver and Rust Vintage Interiors Autumn Show in Welland in a few weeks. If you are in southern Ontario (or close by) you will love it. Last year I bought the old balustrade and the chippy porch post to add to my architectural salvage collection.

Pinecones are part of our decor almost year round and especially pretty for Fall, through Christmas and into the winter months. I have large cones that I bought and many smaller pine cones that were picked up on walks.

The smaller mirror was a kijiji find and it reminds me of the Restoration Hardware Mansard Scroll but much smaller.

I added linen ribbon from Michael's to the wheat sheaf this year. Plaid blankets are a favourite and while I am still searching for more I decided to use a large Alpaca shawl handcrafted in Peru. I love the colour and texture it adds to the white slipcover.

I will be keeping an eye out for new end tables but I love the found pedestal coffee table that I painted with a mix of ASCP. I sewed the grey plaid pillow covers from napkins that I picked up at HomeSense this week.

The little white boo pumpkins are my favourite at this time of year. Stores and farmer's markets here are full of pumpkins but I will be saving the orange ones for outdoor decorating. The colourful hydrangeas are from our front garden and I love using them throughout our home. Aqua CROWN canning jars are my go to vases. 

Finally finally we have both a match stick shade and curtains on the front window. I don't know what took me so long! The grey and white stripe curtains are from IKEA. They still need ironed and hemmed but add such softness (and privacy) to our room. Can you tell I'm a bit candle crazy? I love the scents of Fall baked goods in my candles year round (maple, cinnamon, vanilla, pumpkin pie etc.) but we never leave them unattended. We have a chocolate Lab with a wicked strong tail and that could be a disaster.

 You might be able to see her nose prints on the window as she checks out life beyond the front porch.

The view through the parapet window is to our entry hall that is currently patched and awaiting a paint colour choice (and some extra time.) The tall black plant stand and grey plaid throw were garage sale finds. The old wood crate on the window ledge holds galvanized pots storing our eyeglass cleaners, cases, safety glasses and sunglasses. It is very handy having a dropping spot for them near the front door.

At a garage sale on Saturday I picked up this cute little science beaker. 

I like to collect and use vintage ironstone plates in our home. Some are used in vignettes on table tops and others are displayed on the wall, like these vintage black transferware platters and plates

This little white painted end table moves around our home a lot. I am currently painting a different pair that I might use in here or may sell.

I love metal locker baskets and the pair in our living room hold my magazines and on this table my Restoration Hardware catalogues. I like having them close at hand so I can go through them over and over. I love visiting the RH outlet. I can't really afford anything there but I do like studying the look.

Hydrangeas in mason jars -how I do love thee!

More texture and coziness for Autumn in our living room. The t.v.'s are in our family room and basement sitting room (and we are master bedroom t.v. people too) so this is a nice quiet room for reading, needlework and visiting. There will still be changes but I am really liking how this small room looks and functions now. Thanks for stopping by! 

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

A New Rug and Rug Pad USA Review

The rooms on our main floor have been without rugs for a few years now. I have been wanting to add area carpets to our living room and family room but with all of our home repairs this year the budget just didn't stretch far enough for the 8' x 10' sizes needed.

Before without rug and rug pad

I had investigated a few online companies selling area rugs but the shipping to Canada was more than the price of the rug. A few weeks ago I was in Home Depot and came across some inexpensive bound area rugs. I chose a nice cream colour for $89 (Cdn.) for an 8' x 10' (more or less) size. 

I think it looks nice in our living room but being on the thin side it certainly wasn't cushy to our feet. The back of the rug is stiff and very scratchy and we were concerned about how it would affect the laminate hardwood too. 

You can imagine how surpised I was when the co-founder from Rug Pad USA contacted me with an opportunity to review any of their rug pads. Rug Pad USA is a retailer based outside of the Greater New York area and they specialize in manufacturing higher end, eco-friendly rug pads that are made in the USA. After communicating with the rep I learned that the market is flooded with toxic pvc imported rug pads that can actually be quite toxic and could damage some types of floors. Have you ever opened one of those cheap rug pad packages and knew that it would have to be aired out before it could go in your home? With a son and lots of family with asthma we take our air quality seriously. 

Eco-Solid Non-Slip Rug Pads - custom sizing, no awful smell and super comfy under foot. Fast shipping to Canada too. Love this!!!
After choosing the Eco-Solid Non-slip rug pad and giving them the true dimensions of my not quite 8' x 10' area rug (which RugPadUSA custom cut to size) I was surprised to receive my rug pad in just over a week (with Canadian customs and all.) The Eco-Solid rug pad is 1/8" thick and is mold and mildew resistant, safe for all floors, hand washable and has a 20 year warranty.

Although not as noticeable in photos, the new rug pad adds a nice bit of thickness without having an obvious 'lifted' edge. 

The absolute best part is that when we opened the box, and laid the rug pad, there was no strong or gross smell. It is made with plant based oils rather than petroleum based oils. My rug pad was custom sized perfectly for our irregular sized rug too. Our rug now feels so much softer and cushier.

Our youngest son with the asthma always complains when there is a strong smell in our home and our chocolate Lab Remington sneezes, like when I bring in a stained furniture piece that has not completely dried. Josh sat in here with me for almost an hour and didn't even mention any smell. Remington didn't sneeze...

and she obviously found the rug with new underpad nice and soft now, because she was fast asleep within minutes. Thanks Rug Pad USA! If you are looking for great rug pads for your home, in many styles, be sure to check them out.

I have started some Fall decorating and I will share some more photos of our living room soon. We are still prepping the walls in the entry hallway, dining room and the newly popcorm-texture-less ceilings in those areas, but the Fall decorating must go on lol. 

*I was compensated for this post, however all content, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Getting Ready For Winter and Saving Money -Replacing Door Weatherstripping

We have been tackling some regular home maintenance type projects lately and getting our home ready for winter. They don't make for great photos but are projects that help to keep the value in our home and in some cases, like the new front door weatherstripping I just changed, can save us money.

This past winter we noticed that a breeze was actually coming in around the door cold days. A very noticeable cold breeze. We all know that cold air coming in means that heat (and our $) is escaping too. 

Our home is 15 years old and we haven't changed the door weatherstripping before, as you can see by the multiple coats of paint on the old piece. 

When I was painting the exterior trim recently I decided to look into changing out the weather stripping. It's a good thing that I didn't give up after a failed trip to a small hardware store, with old trim in hand, where a guy sold me the wrong product and only 8 feet of it for a whole door. I decided to drive to a neighbouring town to a Home Depot where the HD guy directed us to the proper product. The new weatherstrip came in approx. 7 foot lengths so I bought 3 pieces for less than $20 Cdn.

I tackled this project mostly by myself. The previous stuff was glued and stapled on. It took some serious pulling to get it off and I ended up needing help from hubby Rob with one stubborn section. 

After the trim was painted I measured and cut a vertical piece and pushed it into place. The new style has a plastic edge that sort of snaps, with lots of finger pressure, into the groove in the trim. A few times I had to mark and notch out a small piece of the plastic edge to allow for the nails the builder put through the trim. That was easy enough to do with scissors. The other side and top piece were added in the same manner. I used a small dab of 'no nails' glue on the last inch on the bottoms where the trim didn't have a groove.

It now looks not only cleaner but we are hearing less 'slam' in the door because of the extra cushioning. The tighter seal is sure to save us some money and keep us a bit warmer too. I'm happy to have completed this inexpensive fix. One more project checked off the list. Now if the weather would only co-operate with my work schedule so I can paint the front door! Do you have any winter maintenance projects on your to-do list?

P.S. This is not a compensated post nor do I have any affiliation with Home Depot. My opinion as always is my own. 

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